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When we are going to the moon and why?

July 24th, 2019, marked as the 50th anniversary when humans landed on Moon. It was the Apollo 11 mission. Now, it’s almost 51 years since humans did not visit it again. So why we did not visit it again? Is there nothing special for humans there?

The answer is NO. There must be something special for humans which made them go back to the moon by 2024. Trump administration asked NASA to get ready a mission for the return to the moon. They showed their interest for the moon.

Moon is just 3 days away from us. So why not to visit it again. It’s important for us. We can make it our station. It can be a humans base. But this time, it will not only a visit, but it will also be the home for astronauts. It was already on schedule by NASA to go back to the moon by 2028. After Vice President Mike Pence at National Space Council in Huntsville, Alabama, directed NASA to prepare themselves for returning to the moon as soon as they can. They commanded them to complete the mission by 2024 rather than 2028.

NASA is going to the moon with the contribution of SpaceX. A private company SpaceX interested to help NASA in regards. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk replied to the NASA announcement, “We want to contribute with NASA to make them capable of doing so in less period of time.” NASA wants to explore more faster and together with its commercial and international partners.

From a technological point of view, we have the best and efficient equipment today than what we had 50 years ago. 50 years ago, we had not smartphones. Now the technology used in the basic market computer is much powerful than the astronauts’ computer devices they used in 1969. With its comparison, now it should be easier to go for this mission. It will be a good time for NASA to test in kind of technology while they were on the 2024 moon mission, it can absolutely help them to use the well-experienced things for the upcoming Mars mission as well.

Reason of Going Back to the Moon

Humans are going to the moon to say, “We are back”. The reason why we are going to the moon seems simple. We have not explored much before because we had a lack of technological advancement in the last visit. Moreover, there are lots of questions that remain to explore more about the moon. There are lots of mysteries to discover. Scientists are expecting more surprises in the upcoming visit.

This time they will pick different locations to explore. Probably the South Pole. They will look for water ice. They may want to own the moon. Come first, get first. It seems not serious. But have you ever heard about Space War? Well, like we are ready for the war on earth, but in the coming time, we may fight a war in space.

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