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Introduction to Astronomy – Definition and Why it’s Interesting

Astronomy is derived from the Greek word (ἀστρονομία). Astronomy includes the study of the Universe as a whole. It’s not a branch of science. Whole science comes under Astronomy. Introduction to astronomy is always interested.

Astronomy Definition according to BangAstro

It’s is the revelation of the mystery appearing in the night sky.

According to NASA

The study of stars, planets, and space.

One hundred years ago, astronomy was totally different. Introduction to astronomy nearly false in this era due to lack of technology. It consisted of many false theories, false assumptions. As we started exploring things, we came to know about the real facts of the Universe. Still, there are lots of theories about astronomy that’s not yet confirmed.

If we put everything we see, saw, seen, whatever it is, under astronomy, it is right as what we studied or discovered, comes under astronomy. For example, if we study a rich place, the whole place is a part of the planet. As every planet comes under astronomy, that’s why we include everything under astronomy. Astronomy is about planets, stars, galaxies and the whole universe.

Don’t confuse with the above explanation, whatever mentioned, it was for you to understand the importance of astronomy.

shining universe appearing in the night sky
Source: Wallpaper Flare

Let it clear exactly what it is.

On our earth, human civilization is here for about millions of years. They look at the night sky and always wondered. Lack of technology didn’t let them explore the fact about astronomy. They predicted various things about the shining dots (stars) appearing in the night sky.

Some of such stories you might hear in your childhood. So when it comes to talking about your childhood, what you ever thought about the night sky? You must try to look deeply. You must try to reveal the secrets behind it in your ideas. But that was not easy to predict.

What most of the child thought, it’s a star with 5 sided shape, but they also came to thought, why they couldn’t look the all sides of stars exactly. Leave the child thought.

Astronomy for Old Civilization

Old civilizations had many myths about the stars in the night sky. They wonder to see our solar planets as they look so clear and bright especially planet Venus.

As science started to became advanced, it started exploring things of the night sky. Whatever they learned, wondered them. As they move one step further, they wondered with each step.

Bang Astro defined astronomy as the study of the mystery of the things we see from the naked eye or telescope. Some things are invisible in the night sky that has mass but we can’t see them (Dark Matter). It’s a mystery.


Astronomy always considered the mystery. Science discovered, we learned. But we have to discover lots of things. We even can’t reach 0.01% percent of the Universe. Still very far away from 0.01% percent. But so far, we have discovered a lot of things.

Without any doubt, astronomy is the topic that has curiosity. Almost every kind of people like to learn more about it.

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